Jan Rouven - Statements

"Jan Rouven has so much Charisma and Character that he is immediately liked! Combining his amazing skills and powerful mystifying acts, Jan is one super performer! I recommend him for any event."
Uri Geller, Host of NBC´s "Phenonemon"

"You haven´t seen anything like that before. This man is a miracle!"
ARD, Germany´s number one TV station

"Breathtaking and beyond belief. A sensation!"

Sat 1, German TV station

"Back by popular demand. Wild magic of Jan Rouven. A sure bet!"
Las Vegas Magazine

"During the whole show the audience was stunned and astonished."

Idsteiner Zeitung, German newspaper

"This show took audience's breath away! He proved to be in the complete tradition of David Copperfield."
Brandenburger Wochenblatt, German newspaper

"Does what other illusionists can only dream of!"
Frankfurter Rundschau, one of Germany's leading newspapers

"Jan Rouven is making his Las Vegas debut, performing his impressive and death-defying illusions."
Las Vegas Confidential