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DIRECT FROm GERMANY - illusions - Starring JAN ROUVEN - Unbelievable Magic. Undeniable Mystery.
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ILLUSIONS starring Jan Rouven is now playing nightly at 7 pm at the Tropicana Las Vegas

2014-11-30 21:05:

After a successful run for more that 3 years on the Las Vegas Strip, ILLUSIONS found a new home: The Tropicana Las Vegas.
Their state of the art theater features one of the largest stages on the Las Vegas Strip! Come and witness one of the largest Magic Show in whole Las Vegas which has been voted "Best Magic Show 2013" by the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal.
The New ILLUSIONS plays nightly at 7 pm (dark Fridays) and tickets are available at the Show Tickets Desk inside the Tropicana Casino, by calling 702.800.5888 or online.
Jan Rouven, brilliant Master Illusionist and recipient of the 2014 Merlin Award, blends humor and energy as he amazes the audience with his death-defying stunts and illusions! Supported by the extremely gifted Illusion Dancers, Jan Rouven astounds and mesmerizes the audience, both young and old.When we think of Rouven's multitude of daring and incredible illusions, including being impaled on a 21-foot industrial drill, levitating himself sixteen feet into the air, and even nearly drowning after being chained andcuffed under water, we can understand why European audiences labeled him "The Man with Nine Lives."The cutting-edge choreography and funky costumes give the show a modern feel, and the audience members sit on the edge of their seats as Rouven puts his life into their hands by asking volunteers to help him in hisdeath-defying illusions.After seeing his show, you will know why Rouven has been honored with some of the most important international awards of the entertainment industry, such as "Magician of the Year" and "Entertainer of the Year." This is one ofthe most truly memorable experiences in all of Las Vegas because Rouven may be a magician, but his talent is absolutely no illusion.

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